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DIY Conservatory Roof

Our DIY Conservatory roof system is painstakingly thought out and tested with superior quality features as standard. Our roof systems are furnished with many features to ensure that they are long lasting, weather resistant and water tight.

  • Snow Load Capability > 2.7m
  • Wind Speed Resistance > 250kph
  • Manufactured to British Standards
  • Approved by the BBA

The UK’s Number One DIY Conservatory Roof System

All of our conservatory roof systems come complete with ground breaking design features such as insulated box gutter to reduce sound polution and stop leaks, aluminium top caps and perfect lead flashing.
DIY Conservatory Roof

Conservatory Roof Features in Detail

Many of these features can be sold as optional extras by some suppliers, however at DIY Conservatory Kits, we choose not to compromise on quality and performance.

Insulated Box Gutter

This Double skinned and insulated box gutter is designed to reduce condensation. Unlike other roof systems, no holes are drilled which means no leaks and with our wider design also helps it to resist the impact of extreme weather. It’s unique construction also increases strength and reduces sound pollution.

Perfect Lead Flashing

There is nothing worse than badly installed lead flashing to bring down the appearance of your conservatory roof, therefore we designed our lead flashing line to seamlessly connect the house and the conservatory. The lead dresses into a built-in soaker forming a watertight seal and no lead needs to be dressed over the top cap, therefore preventing any unsightly lead lines or staining.

Single Fixing Bolt

Our number one rule for a watertight conservatory roof is not to drill holes in it. That’s why we have designed our roof system with internal fastening bolts. The exterior of the main aluminium rafter is therefore not penetrated ensuring your new conservatory roof is as watertight as possible.

Aluminium Top Caps

We only use aluminium for the manufacturing of our top cappings. This ensures no warping, distortion or splitting during extreme heat or cold.

Premium End Caps

We offer premium quality end caps as standard with our DIY conservatory roof systems. Furnished with a decorative shoulder around the face for a more attractive appearance but also equipped with a built in drainage channel to relieve any trapped water.

High Strength Rafters

Our increased strength roof rafter bars are designed for increased loads and allow our conservatory roofs to support snow loads of over 2.7m.

Concealed Gasket System

Let’s face it, thick black roof gaskets are ugly. So we designed our roofs with concealed gaskets.

Variable Valley

The roof valley is designed to adjust to suit differing pitches and is concealed both internally and externally for better aesthetics.

Precision Tie Bolt

We engineer our locking bolts to eradicate any movement between the rafter and bolt. This ensures a rigid connection.