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Building Regulations

When planning a conservatory, building regulations can cause extra costs and complications, however if you comply with the conditions laid out below, in most cases you will be exempt from building regulations:

  1. Quality external doors keep the conservatory separate from the home.
  2. Conservatories have a floor area of below 30 square meters and are constructed at ground floor level.
  3. Fixed electrical installations as well as glazing must meet the requirements of building regulations.
  4. A minimum of 75% of the roof as well as 50% of the brand new wall should either be of a translucent material or glazing.

You should contact your local authority to confirm the most up to date building regulations.

Conservatories should not be built where access to a ladder is required that may be needed should there be a fire.

Update regarding Building Regulations for Conservatories:
Please note that discussions have taken place about the possibility of building regulation approval being required for the erection of all conservatories.

Building Regulations for Conservatories

Energy Conservation

Countries around the world including the UK are keen to lower carbon emissions and the amount of energy being used. Therefore the building regulations include details as to what type of glazing may be used.

For instance, the conservatory’s new windows, roof and doors have to have up to date U values and the volume of glazing is not allowed to be more than 25% of the conservatory’s floor area nor must the total volume of all the glazing in the original home be greater than 25% of the combined floor areas of the original home and the conservatory.

There are various ways that energy can be conserved in a conservatory such as by fitting radiators with a thermostat and using energy efficient light bulbs.

Safety Glass

Any doors and side panels with glass in them and windows that are 800mm or lower from the floor must have safety glass fitted to British Standard BSEN12600.

Structural Alterations

If it is necessary to create a new doorway or increase the width of an existing doorway in the house that provides an entrance to the conservatory then consent is required under Building Regulations.

Miscellaneous Regulations

Additional building regulations are required if the conservatory is felt to be an extension. For instance:

  • Drainage – rainwater in the guttering/downpipes must go into a drain.
  • Design of foundations – please refer to the building control department if you were considering having raft foundations.
  • Damp prevention – build cavity walls and ensure that a damp proof course is put in. Damp proof membranes should be used on floors.
  • Ventilation of rooms next to the conservatory needs to be suitable.
  • Spread of fire to a neighbour’s property – it is not permissible to have a large volume of glass close to or on the boundary.

The above information is purely for guidance so you should get in touch with the local building and planning authority prior to committing yourself to the purchase and erection of a conservatory to obtain specific advice about the suitability of your project and obtain approval if required to do so.